Trademark and Copyright

This month August of 2012, Hide Lock Take is officially a trademarked name. We are proud to offer a protection to the successful auto theft awareness program that began in 2004 and has since made its way across the United States and beyond. In the past their have been variations of the program and its materials that have placed a poor reception value in the eyes of the citizens. Because of this, there have been a small amount of cases where the police departments and/or other organizations received negative feedback. Our original intentions and designs are to promote public awareness in order to combat against the growing number of auto burglaries. In order to fulfill this we have protected the program and its integrity. Only verified entities can produce Hide Lock Take materials that feature the Hide Lock Take information and can only be certified by Hide Lock Take. Proper documentation must be assigned to those certified. Documentation assigning entities to cease the production of such Hide Lock Take materials must do so immediately. If you are a business or an organization wishing to produce or otherwise distribute HLT program materials we ask you to contact us for the release to do so. We offer many groups the ability royalty free and without fee to go on with production. Please contact HLT for proper documentation.