Join The Fight Against Auto Theft

HideLockTake.com is the only legal and Trademarked program in the United States and has been for over 15 years! We use our funds and our strength to continue to fight against auto theft and build awareness in our community. Because of OUR efforts and the support of police departments, citizens, businesses, and organizations the Hide Lock Take program has lowered vehicle related crimes by over 90% in major cities. We have even grown outside of the United States! Keeping our program protected means maintaining consistency in messaging and branding, it’s that simple.

We are approached frequently by printing businesses, police departments, and other groups who wish to reproduce, sell, and promote the HLT message and brand. We welcome all those who wish to help our program grow in the legal and organized way. Likewise we prosecute and take action against those who impede on the trusted brand and steal from our hard work and dedicated that all of our staff have put into the program over the last 20 years. This program is for America and its citizens to protect and enforce our freedoms. Those who choose to operate outside of trademark laws are doing the exact opposite of what our program and country stands for. Join the fight against crime instead of spreading crime by becoming an elite Hide Lock Take auto theft task force member.

Fill out the form below and we will contact you if approved.

To become an Approved Distributor you must fill out the request form below AND create an online account. Once approved you will gain access to distributor pricing and other special promotions and services. Membership is $5,000 per year and begins at the moment of payment. This allows you to produce approved materials and signage using the HLT trademarked and copyright designs and words. As a member you also gain distributor pricing on all selected HLT products including order fulfillment. You sell it, we ship it! Our distributor pricing allows for 100% markup and amazing margins. Approved members must maintain an annual and current membership, and sell over 50 signs per month through our channel or their own. Interested in selling slightly less and being an HLT representative, we can help you too! Simply fill out our form to be contacted with pricing.

By becoming a member you gain access to all of our products at a wholesale rate giving you the ability to grow your business as a trusted and approved vendor. Add our Approved Vendor Badge to your site AND gain access to our top ranking search results on Google. We want every city to use HLT principles and every citizen to follow the program so we can eliminate vehicle crimes and become the worlds safest country.