Customized signs are available with law enforcement, city, or business logos and information. Help fight crime by making custom sign donations to your local police department. Here is how you can make a difference while advertising that you care.

  • Free layouts and proofs
  • No setup fees or additional charges
  • 50 sign minimum order- starting at $18.00 per sign
  • Quantity discounts available
  • Contact us for more information and to place custom orders

For Purchase Orders and Municipal Programs that would like to either be billed or have customized signs please contact us directly. Be sure to include how many signs you are looking to order, what you would like featured at the bottom of the sign, and any information important to the order.


Hide Lock Take creates a common bridge between Insurance Councils, Agencies, Police Departments, and the Community! Working with police departments throughout each state, Hide Lock Take develops the program and implements community outreach alongside the police.

Building these relationships and expanding them into Insurance Councils and Agencies allows for branding and marketing opportunities like never before!

Not only is it a long term, low cost, and high profile marketing strategy, it demonstrates community awareness and support of local law enforcement.

Watch our ICAP Resource Video
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The Winning Combination

Hide Lock Take:

  • Work with local police and build the interest and requests
  • Develop promotion campaigns and launch events
  • Custom sign design and distribution

Insurance Councils:

  • Promote the HLT program to partnered insurance agencies
  • Use Hide Lock Take materials to promote the program
  • Community outreach and promotion

Insurance Agencies

  • Donate to insurance councils for sign purchase
  • Attend community outreach functions
  • Promote the auto theft awareness partnership with cities, police, the community and insurance council


Much like the Insurance Program, Hide Lock Take is always looking to partner with law enforcement to help promote auto theft awareness and lowering vehicle crimes. We know funding is limited especially in today’s uneasy environment.

Luckily there are insurance councils and agencies who are looking to benefit from the relationship that Hide Lock Take can provide.

If you would like to request a grant or granted signs from your state insurance council, you can download the ICAP Request template to the right and replace the respective text with your information. Email this to and we will help arrange the grant.

When there is no time to wait and you need results fast, Hide Lock Take can customize signs with your badge or patch and a compelling statement to the community.


Cities who have Hide Lock Take as an ordinance benefit from the program the most. Steady management of the program within the community is vital and the willingness of citizens to promote it is not always there.

Organizations and law enforcement can utilize our templated documentation and resources in the Resource Center on ordinance proposals. There you can find guides and proposals that have helped get the program in many city bylaws.

Also you can find press releases and other materials to help launch Hide Lock Take in your city. Contact us by clicking on the button below or call our task force agents for even faster service.

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