The NEW Standard, Launched.

The NEW Standard, Launched.

After years of successful impact on vehicle crimes, Hide Lock Take has stepped up the game in its fight using awareness.

Vehicle crimes after the pandemic skyrocketed due to cars left unattended for longer periods of time, unemployment numbers at all time high, and police budget cuts.

This became an opportunity for the team at HLT to not only assist local police BUT support the community as well. The focus, fight back with a strong call to action.

The NEW Standard sign with its radical change of shape and construct has eliminated the fading issue in certain environments, withstands rugged force, and most importantly catches the eye of those within sight.

All of that boils down to a more effective awareness tool. Exactly what the world needs to fight against crime. If we all take the simple and easy steps listed on the sign, crime will be lowered drastically.

Every car that a criminal breaks in to is a heavy risk that they take. The time, noise, and obvious intrusion must be worth the risk of being caught for them. Backpacks, purses, laptops, banking information, cash, electronics, and shopping bags to name a few are all worth the risk.

But what if they can’t see anything or it’s covered by a blanket? The data clearly shows, criminals are more likely to pass up a car that appears empty or has hidden items vs one with items in plain sight.

The HLT Standard sign gets that message across by reminding everyone to follow those steps and protect your belongings and those around you.

This is the stand we have made, now it’s your turn. is the only licensed and protected manufacturer of the Hide Lock Take program and signs. Meaning, others who make and sell the sign are doing so illegally and should be reported. This puts buyers at risk as well when they purchase counterfeit products.

Keep our streets safe and help our communities fight back against crime with HLT.