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“Hide Lock Take is not one bridge but an intricate system of multiple bridges connecting insurance companies to their end consumer.”

Jordan Wendelken – Program Director

In the world of marketing, there are channels of influence and multiple platforms of customer acquisition, each usually requiring its own management system or integration. From social media to broadcast media, to organic inbound and paid digital ads to traditional door-to-door and sign waving, most companies try them all.

No matter what channel or form of advertising and marketing is chosen, one thing remains true to them all; connecting and creating an experience. With today’s noise and marketing clutter, you have to connect with the target market and end consumer in a way that stops them enough to take action or remember to take action later on.

This is the element that Hide Lock Take uses to bridge all of those aspects above for insurance companies marketing in their respective states and regions.

Below is the Strategic Plan of Hide Lock Take that insurance companies and insurance trade organizations can use and compare to their own strategic plans to help align and bridge gaps or potential opportunities.

Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Hide Lock Take is the world’s most successful auto theft awareness program. No one else can claim this, it’s that simple. We have lowered vehicle crimes in major cities by 87% and more since 1997. We do this with our signs, the action of the community, the help and promotion of law enforcement, and the media.

This has helped the program reach heights that no other program or initiative has been able to compare to, and why should they when they can easily join the fight with us?

Vision statement
HLT has remained the main source for police departments around the nation in the fight against auto thefts. Hundreds of chiefs, commanders, and lieutenants along with state officials remain in constant contact with us to help develop the program in their areas. We look to connect this demand to partnering insurance entities to provide them with the tools they need to lower vehicle crimes.

Over the next 5 years, HLT has a goal to partner with the top 3 insurance brands to provide law enforcement with the needed auto theft prevention materials to canvas the entire United States.

Long-term strategic objectives
Working with law enforcement is what we do because they are peace officers dedicated to the safety and security of our communities. Providing them with marketing materials and signage to spread awareness and work within high crime areas to lower theft rates. By providing them with branded signs, they can utilize their budget for staffing, patrolling, overtime, and more to further the program’s success.

As we partner with local media broadcasting groups and the police department marketing specialists we empower the program’s success.

Here is where insurance entities enter the scene. Police departments are ready and in need of signage and marketing materials. News stations are waiting to cover the stories of the local police working hard to implement the program locally. The community is starving for action to lower crime.

You are the answer.

When you partner with Hide Lock Take you get to brand the signs with your company’s logo and be a part of the police and community outreach. The signs are dedicated to the local areas that need them most and the police go out and install them. Local news stations come out to cover the event and help educate citizens on how they can help.

The result is lowered crimes, lowered claims, and higher profits for insurance companies. Not to mention the “do good” brand building that comes with helping to fight crime and provide the safety your customers want.

Action items
We have already contacted you. Which is why you likely are on this page.

Now we can begin the process of bridging the gap.

Contact us by emailing or calling 888-235-1458 to speak with an HLT auto theft task force member. Massive discounts are in place for large orders and thousands of signs need to be delivered across each state.

Our signs last over 10 years and are placed in high-profile and trafficked areas where advertising is typically not allowed (parks, beaches, city-owned property, stadiums, malls, movie theaters, fitness gyms, recreation centers, and more).

When signs are purchased, we contact our list of law enforcement waiting to get signs and set up a community event that includes media, your entity, and other fanfare to make huge impacts. We then provide long-term materials such as vehicle rating cards, decals, and more to help continue the promotion of the program.

Each region is limited to one sponsor to prevent monopolies, so space is limited. Contact us to take part in this great program and secure the areas you wish to impact the most.