Creating A City Ordinance

Creating a law or city ordinance might seem like a daunting task but the process is fairly simple. Though it might involve a lengthy period time and multiple attempts, following the right process is key to minimizing difficulty.

Hide Lock Take has been implemented into many cities laws and ordinances around the United States. Having these in place elsewhere alleviates most of the complexities that exist when proposing new laws.

In fact, our task force agents have created a template ready for those seeking to start a Hide Lock Take ordinance in their city. Fighting crime shouldn’t be hard, so lets begin.

What to consider:

Ordinance proposals simply address a problem that has occurred and the proposed solution using formal legal terminology. For Hide Lock Take, the basic layout of an Ordinance Proposal needs to include the following:

  • The main issue or problem including stats
  • The result or implication of the problem
  • The compounding ramifications if unchecked
  • Reason for no easy or current solution
  • Proposed solution concept
  • Parties involved: managing, enforcing, etc.
  • Any costs, burdens, or bottlenecks
  • Estimated result and timeline if enacted

The ordinance itself is the final law or code placed in the cities list of ordinances. It outlines to the best of ability all aspects of the code that is to be followed. When writing the ordinance you must consider the following:

  • Identify who is affected and involved
  • What is used to gauge or measure
  • Restrictions and regulations
  • Requirments for following and managing
  • Penalties for non-compliance
  • Enforcement and responsibilities

View an Example Ordinance & Proposal for Hide Lock Take right here.

Not only do we offer examples of ordinances on our Resources page, our agents are available to help. Programs can be set up to offer custom signs on the website for purchase OR bulk signs can be sent to local enforcing agencies for convenient pickup once a purchase is made on our site. Call to speak with an agent or use our chat feature for more help.