Southlake takes a Stance

The city of Southlake, Texas recently became a Hide Lock Take supporter by taking a stance against vehicle burglary. By teaming up with local business owners and asking them to remind their customers to Hide their things, Lock their car, and Take their things this holiday season. With the help of the Public Works department they were able to post over 100 signs throughout the city in parking garages, parking lots and neighborhoods. Southlake continues their fight beyond the signs by utilizing HLT promotional items to better meet the interest of the community.  As the average citizen becomes more aware they too become crime fighters and help those around them.

Understanding crime and criminals is what makes Hide Lock take so successful. Whereas other programs of the past promote keeping an eye out or watching over an area, HLT stands for immediate action by giving citizens a personal and value-adding perspective. The program’s success is based off a risk verses reward concept. The more vehicles in one location whose owners practice HLT, the less criminals are willing to take the risk of breaking into a car for little or no reward. With this decrease in criminal activity safer areas are made. To learn more about the Hide Lock Take program or to download and purchase signs and materials visit us at: