The original and DALLAS_HLT1official Dallas Hide Lock Take sign is what started the program in 2004. This sign meets all the requirements for the Dallas city code. Thickness of aluminum is available and recommended only for mounting location. We recommend only using the light gauge if you are mounting directly to a wall or flat surface. If you are mounting these signs to a pole or object in which wind or people can bend the sign we recommend choosing the heavy duty option. PURCHASE NOW



(a) “An owner or person in control of property on which 100 or more parking spaces are located that are available to the public use shall post and maintain on the exterior of the property two signs complying with Subsection (b). One additional sign is required to he posted and maintained for each 50 parking spaces over 100 that are located on the property. Also, one additional sign is required to be and maintained within five feet of each clustered mailbox site located on the premises of a multifamily property, as defined in section 27-3 of this code. Any owner failing to post and maintain required signs and for the authorized removal or required signs; providing a penalty not to exceed $500.

The Dallas Police Department reminds business and apartment owners throughout the City of Dallas to protect property and vehicles by placing LOCK, TAKE and HIDE signs on their property.

In October 2001, 41% of all the offenses that occurred in the City of Dallas were auto theft and burglary of motor vehicle, (BMV) related offenses. As a result of the increase, Central Business District and Texas Auto Theft Prevention Authority teamed up and initiated a proactive crime prevention program called LOCK, TAKE and HIDE. The message was simple:

LOCK their cars,
TAKE their keys and
HIDE their belongings


The goal of this campaign was to prevent crime by reducing the criminal’s opportunity. So far in 2007, there have been 547 fewer auto related thefts, when compared to 2001.


The program was so successful, that in June, 2004, the City of Dallas enacted an ordinance that requires all properties having 100 or more parking spaces to install at least two Lock, Take and Hide signs posted and maintained on the exterior of the premises.

Statistics report most auto related offenses occur in the parking lots of apartment communities, businesses, malls, strip shopping centers, restaurants and office buildings.

By following a few crime prevention tips, citizens can reduce the number of burglary of motor vehicles offenses occurring in their communities.

Be aware of your surroundings
Park in well lighted areas
Remove visible items from inside your cars such as:

Cash, laptops, laptop chords, handbags, wallets, credit cards, cell phones, MP3’s, brief cases, palm pilots, golf clubs, tools, CD’s, cassettes, duffel bags , back packs, dry cleaning, radar detectors, shopping bags even empty boxes!

During the Holiday Season it is especially important to leave nothing in your vehicles for criminals to steal!.

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