Media Support of Hide Lock Take

An easy search on the popular video platform YouTube with Hide Lock Take will yield an impressively extensive result spanning many pages. Wildly successful, the HLT program has taken flight simply because of its growing success.

YouTube is seen as more than entertainment these days, it is also a source for news and live event coverage. Because of this, television broadcasting networks have adapted to the growing tech brand to feature their publications as well. Whether it is a simple update or breaking news, big media networks thrive off of local coverage both online and off.

Have a story worth covering:

It goes without saying to have newsworthy content in order to capture the interest of news networks. Hide Lock Take is known, searchable, and newsworthy. It has been shown many times over with fantastic results that the program can get interest from broadcast networks.

All you need now is a story. Why are you using HLT? Crime prevention, crime-fighting, community outreach, and standard law enforcement are all reasons to push Hide Lock Take in a city. Creating a story out of this can be just as easy.

  • Establish a purpose
  1. Determine the group you wish to target like business owners, community, youth/students, sports fans, etc.
  2. Choose a topic that resonates with that group like holiday shopping, lowering crime rates, fighting against criminals, etc.
  3. Have a plan to which you will dispense information. Using a task force team along with digital/online channels will help.
  • Create video content
  1. Video is the most successful content currently. Short constant video clips published across multiple social media channels is effective in marketing a program. Longer videos used to educate and inform work very well but can be less frequent
  2. Have at least one promotion video of about 10-14 seconds and an additional lengthier video of around 1.5 minutes. It can explain the details and timeline of the campaign or can be about the program messaging and purpose.
Simple and quick videos are good for multiple uses and platforms. Here is a short taken from a lengthier promotion video showing repurposed content.
  • Create a webpage or blog post
  1. You will need to send visitors and those seeking more information to a website or page. Even a blog post that includes program details, how they can get involved, contact information, and any important inclusions of your program is better than none at all.
  2. Facebook offers the ability to create events, groups, and pages that can also suffice as a home base or resource for the program
  3. Notify everyone in your department and/or those managing the website or switchboard in advance of the promotion
  • Write a press release
  1. We have press release templates ready for download on our site exactly for this purpose OR you can start fresh. You will absolutely need a press release in order to get coverage of your campaign, event, or program.
  2. Include with the press release any prerecorded footage, your online resource page, and the program details

Being prepared in advance will not only make this process go smoothly but it will also organically create goals and deliverable dates. The main ingredient to running a program or campaign is having a strategy or plan. You will need this in advance of contacting news stations.

Launch your campaign:

Once you have all of this ready, execute! The more of these you do the better and easier it gets. Don’t spend so much time making everything perfect. Luckily, audiences today appreciate rough and raw over extremely professional and scripted content.

Southlake Police Department working with the community to fight crime using Hide Lock Take

Just go for it! Have a plan, have content, and send out the press releases. Often times you will change and adapt your program and approach along the way. Flexibility is important so that you can manipulate your campaign as you begin to determine its success points.