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Program and Pricing Flyer

  • Information on purchasing HLT signs and getting started guide.

Police Sponsorship and Getting Started Flyer

  • A quick guide for police to getting the HLT program set up in your city.

State Insurance Council Informative Flyer

  • Information for Hide Lock Take involvement for State Insurance Councils.

Guide to proposing a Hide Lock Take city ordinance

  • Step by step guide and information on Hide Lock Take city ordinances.

Hide Lock Take city ordinance template

  • Example of a Hide Lock Take city ordinance and proposal.

Double-Sided HideLockTake Brochure

Full of great educational information about the program, perfect for distribution.

Single-Sided Printer Friendly Flyer

  • Single page ready to be cut in half and passed around to inform and educate

HideLockTake for Neighborhoods

  • Program information specifically for Neighborhood use.

HideLockTake for Schools and Universities

  • Program information specifically for School and University use.

HideLockTake for Law Enforcement

  • Program information specifically for Law Enforcement use.

HideLockTake Poster

  • Print ready poster ready to be posted on the local bulletin board.



HLT Supporters


HLT Supporters


HLT Supporters


HLT Supporters