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Hide Lock Take Program Flyers

Program and Pricing Flyer

  • Information on purchasing HLT signs and getting started guide.

Law Enforcement Sponsorship and Getting Started Flyer

  • A quick guide for law enforcement and getting the HLT program set up in your city.

Law Enforcement, Insurance Agency, & Insurance Trade Organizations Program Request Template

  • Templated request form for law enforcement to receive a grant or to be granted signs through ICAP.

State Insurance Trade Organizations Informative Flyer

  • Information on Hide Lock Take involvement for State Insurance Trade Organizations.

Hide Lock Take As A City Ordinance

Guide to proposing a Hide Lock Take city ordinance

  • Step by step guide and information on Hide Lock Take city ordinances.

Hide Lock Take city ordinance template

  • Example of a Hide Lock Take city ordinance and proposal.

Hide Lock Take Press Releases

General Hide Lock Take Press Release Template

  • Media coverage request for general program involvement

Hide Lock Take Launch Press Release Template

  • Media coverage request for launching the Hide Lock Take program



HLT Supporters


HLT Supporters


HLT Supporters


HLT Supporters