Texas Auto Theft Facts

With 163, 837 cases, the state of Texas experienced the highest recorded car theft cases in 1991. After more than a decade, the numbers had plummeted and in 2010 there were only 68, 220 reported cases, a 58% drop from previous years.

Problematic auto theft cases

It might have been a dramatic drop, but Texas still belongs to the list of states that has the most auto theft cases. In reality, a vehicle is stolen every 8 minutes. Just in 2010, the total cost of the stolen vehicles was more than half a million dollars.

According to “Watch Your Car,” here are the top stolen vehicles in Texas in 2010:

1    Ford Pickup

2    Chevrolet Pickup

3    Dodge Pickup

4    Chevrolet Tahoe

5   Honda Civic

6    Honda Accord

7    GMC Pickup

8    Toyota Camry

9     Ford Taurus

10    Chevrolet Impala

Help protect your cars

There are thousands of cars that are stolen in Texas, and there are also a high number of car burglaries in the state. It might seem like a one in a million chance, but the truth is, property crimes can happen to anyone.

Keep in mind that auto theft and car burglaries mostly hinge on opportunistic factors, like choosing poor parking locations and misplaced car keys. Make sure that you practice basic safety precaution. Simple things like taking out your keys from its ignition, hiding your valuables from view and locking your doors and windows can make a world of difference.

Help spread awareness in your city

With this knowledge in hand, you can help keep your city safe by placing the copyright and trademark protected signs and designs on your property or in your area. You can also make custom sign donations to your local police department and they will disperse them to businesses and in parks and recreation areas. Hide Lock Take started as a proactive crime awareness program in Dallas. It has since become the most successful tool that travels around the country fighting crimes and making a difference. If you want to keep your city safe and educate the citizens let hidelocktake.com be your resource.