Rhode Island Car Theft Rates

There’s a 1 in 39 chance that you might become a victim of a property crime in Rhode Island. With a population of 1,052,567, out of 1,000 residents, there are 2,399 reported car theft cases. To avoid a series of regrettable loss and nuisance, it’s a trend worth noting.

Young criminals on the rise

In two separate reports, the car theft was both attempted by students. Back in 2011, a college student was apprehended as an accomplice to a car theft incident. The suspect was identified as Zhengpeng Hu. He was charged with kidnapping after he allegedly stuffed a woman in a suitcase after tying her up.

A few months ago, two teens were charged with possession of a stolen vehicle. They swiped the victim’s car keys that were lying in an Old Mountain Lanes table. After a short chase, Angelo Fraley and Alexander X. Blunt were arrested by the Narragansett Police.

Car safety measures

Did you know that most car theft suspects are known to be amateurs in the field? Most of them don’t have a set of rules when it comes to their mode of operation. This means that they will likely strike cars that they think are more vulnerable than most. These might range from owners that have left their windows open, or cars parked in an area that has no foot traffic or security in place.

Car safety tips

You can easily avoid being a car theft victim. Make sure that you check your car thoroughly before you leave it in a parking spot. Pick a location that has a lot of foot traffic. Take out your keys from its ignition. Lock your car doors and windows. Hide your important items away from view.

Help spread awareness in your city

With this knowledge in hand, you can help keep your city safe by placing the copyright and trademark protected signs and designs on your property or in your area. You can also make custom sign donations to your local police department and they will disperse them to businesses and in parks and recreation areas. Hide Lock Take started as a proactive crime awareness program in Dallas. It has since become the most successful tool that travels around the country fighting crimes and making a difference. If you want to keep your city safe and educate the citizens let hidelocktake.com be your resource.