Learning about the Different Types of Car Theft in Pennsylvania

In a span of a decade, Pennsylvania has experienced an impressive decline in their auto theft cases. From a staggering number of 48,736 in 1996, the state only had 16,669 reported car theft cases in 2010. Although it is a feat worth applauding, it should be noted that auto theft is still a major problem in Pennsylvania.

Luxury car theft ring gets busted

Just a few months ago, an international car theft ring was found to be guilty of stealing cars worth more than $2.3 million. Their criminal activities spanned three states and aside from Pennsylvania, the car theft ring had criminal activities in New York and New Jersey. It was discovered that they targeted car dealerships in Pennsylvania, whereas they swiped car keys and drove off with a number of cars just when the service department had begun their daily operations.

Different types of car theft

Swiping car keys is just one of the methods that car thieves employ in their activities. There are various car theft methods that we all should know and note when we go about our daily routines. One such type that is popular to car thieves is carjacking. Carjacking is defined as the forceful theft of an occupied vehicle. In cases like this, carjacking usually happens for just a couple of seconds, wherein the thief takes advantage of the driver’s stunned reaction. You can protect yourself from carjacking by locking your car doors when you’re driving. Make sure to check your surroundings before you get inside your car, as parking lots are popular target locations for carjacking incidents.

Chop shop is another type of car theft. It is when thieves strip stolen cars for their parts, with the intention of reselling the parts to the black market. It should be noted that chop shop operators target older models than newer ones, as cars grow more valuable as they age.

Help spread awareness in your city

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