Is Population a Factor in Nevada Car Theft Surge?

According to an NICB Annual Hot Spots Study, Nevada’s state wide auto theft rate rose from 26th per capita in the mid 1990s to first in 2006. Further, Nevada experienced a surge of car theft incidents when their state’s population grew in the years between 1990 and 2000. Fortunately, with the aid of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s VIPER Task Force, the numbers steadily declined, although car theft trends still remains a concern for the state of Nevada.

State population and car theft statistics

With the gap in ratio of residents and available jobs, it is not a surprise that the state experienced a higher percentage of crime activity. There may not be an accurate study that can link unemployment rate and crime rate in a state, as there are always varying factors that can aggravate or affect a certain crime trend. Nobel laureate Gary Becker has said it best when he stated that it is only but a normal reaction for impoverished families to turn to wayward means when honest work is not within their reach.

How can you protect yourself from car theft?

If you’re living in Nevada, or anywhere else, preventing car theft requires regular practice. No matter where you live, it is important to be vigilant and on guard. If you can afford it, make sure that your car comes with basic car security. There are various accessories that can help deter a car thief from stealing your car. Even if it means these things can only deter them for a while, at least there can be an opportunity for people to ask for help.

Car safety techniques

Keep your car safe by making sure that you’ve parked in a well lit area. Avoid keeping spare keys inside your car. Lock all of your windows and car doors whenever you leave your car unattended. Hide your valuables, and store them at a safer place.

Help spread awareness in your city

With this knowledge in hand, you can help keep your city safe by placing the copyright and trademark protected signs and designs on your property or in your area. You can also make custom sign donations to your local police department and they will disperse them to businesses and in parks and recreation areas. Hide Lock Take started as a proactive crime awareness program in Dallas. It has since become the most successful tool that travels around the country fighting crimes and making a difference. If you want to keep your city safe and educate the citizens let be your resource.