Holiday Theft- Hide Lock Take

Tis the season to be stealing! Did you know the two highest crime seasons are Summer and the month of December? Risk verses reward is the lifestyle of a criminal. During these two times of the year, the reward exceeds the risk in the criminal mind. For December, people are frantically all about filling their cars with packages as they move from store to store and plaza to plaza. Parking lots are filled to the max as customers spend at minimum 30 minutes in the store of their choice. All a criminal needs is 30 seconds or less. Moving from one car to the other testing the handles or simply ripping them off the thieves gain access. Finding the proper vehicle to rob can take time which they don’t have. Think like a thief! Would you risk looking in a car that you cannot see items of interest or a car that has bags of new purchases in plain site? Times up!!! You just got robbed. Use your trunk, the under side of your seats, cover items with jackets, use your glove box, or center consoles. Find areas to Hide Your Things. Once you have done that don’t make it easy for a thief to just open your doors. Lock Your Car, take that extra second to hear the honk or beep or turn the key so your car is locked. Lastly, Take Your Keys and don’t leave your car running. It may just be a coffee break or dry cleaner pick up, but its a FREE car to a criminal. It is also illegal in almost every state to leave your car running while unoccupied. Do your part this Holiday season and remember to Hide, Lock, and Take.