Does the Hide Lock Take sign advertise a high crime area?

Many question the image and feeling that the general public or local citizens have towards what is now the most successful auto theft awareness program in the nation. Like Neighborhood Crime Watch, Hide Lock Take does address a sensitive subject for cities with and without high theft. So whose opinion matters most, the citizens or the criminals? HLT staff argues, though signs in itself do address the issue of crime, they do so as an educational tool. Would we tell MADD organization (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) to stay out of our schools because we don’t have a high drunk driver fatality record in our city? Three simple words Hide Lock Take, there is no mention of crime. Do your part as a citizen or authority and you will keep your neighborhoods safe and crime free. We have come to find that the safest cities in Texas are the ones with Hide Lock Take signs present. So to those cities without them, you are advertising a potential crime area.