Criminals Love Fitness

Even criminals need to watch their weight and make sure they are staying healthy and fit. All of the small areas they have to squeeze in, the speed and agility required to be stealthy. NO!!! Thieves don’t care about the new low rates of memberships at health clubs, they want your valuables! And why wouldn’t they when you leave them sitting in plain site in your vehicles! Fitness centers and health clubs all over the United States are being hit hard by crime. We commend you for getting out there and making fitness a priority in your life, but be smart about it. So you have your new spandex or low rider running shorts on with that tank top, t shirt, or sports bra with no pockets. You just want to go in and start your workout, no time or money for renting a locker and you don’t want to just leave your stuff on a bench somewhere. We get it, its not easy or practical to keep things safe. But what is more important to you? The 2 minutes it takes to hide your things in your car, out of site, or rent a locker. Or, the days to weeks it takes replacing your phone, canceling your credit cards, finding your car in pieces, buying new navigation systems, stereos, MP3 players, computers, etc.? Things like a nav. system, CD case, or cell phone may just seem like a small item to you but it is just an initial reason to break into your car for a criminal. Once they are in, they can get bank receipts, vehicle service receipts, brief cases, purses, backpacks, mail, and everything else we often have laying in other places. Knowing where you shop and spend your time gives a criminal an idea of what they may find in your home too. A scary thought to have isn’t it? Taking those few minutes to hide your things or rent a locker is starting to sound pretty practical. Keep your streets and local fitness clubs safe for you and everyone else by taking the time to fight crime. Hide Your Things, Lock Your Car, and Take Your Keys. Don’t be afraid to mention to your fitness center for Free printable brochures and ideas on keeping everyone else educated and informed.