Complicated Car Theft Schemes in Indiana

With a state population of 6,483,802, Indiana has 13,118 of recorded motor vehicle theft incidents. A feat considering that their car theft rate has decreased after experiencing a peak of 27, 023 in 1995. Although this might be a cause of celebration, auto theft still remains a threat to Indiana residents. Just recently, a man was indicted in a complicated car theft case that started in 2006.

Complex fraud and theft scheme

For more than six years, George Robey has operated a complex fraud and theft scheme that largely affected local dealerships. It was reported that Robey would often visit local car dealerships, and after eyeing his target car, he would take them for a test drive and switch fake keys and present legal documents to steal the cars right under the establishment’s place. After stealing 17 cars, he was finally arrested and is now facing a very long prison sentence.

Auto theft is a community problem

Aside from profit loss, the complex fraud and theft scheme perpetrated by Robey created an influx of problems that drove up the cost of their remaining cars and their insurance premiums. As much as it seems that auto theft can be seen as a solitary loss, it affects a lot of people, especially in this particular case. In instances like this, it’s important that we are able to find out if the cars that we’ll be purchasing are free of criminal history. Have it checked thoroughly with the right people, so that you’ll be sure that you won’t be a victim of complicated auto theft schemes.

Help spread awareness in your city

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