Carjacking in New Jersey

Did you know that in 2010, there were 359 carjacking offenses in the state of New Jersey? Out of all those incidents, there were 405 victims that included passengers and drivers. It’s an alarming trend, as not only did the numbers increased from the previous years, most of the carjacking incidents involve the use of firearms.

 New Jersey carjacking by the numbers

Here’s an overview of the state of carjacking in New Jersey:

–          88% of the stolen vehicles were registered in the state

–          BMW made up the 11% of the stolen vehicles

–          The majority of the incidents occurred at a residential area

–          The most popular month for carjacking incidents was in December

–          73% of the stolen vehicles were recovered

Car theft trends

Carjacking is just one of the many forms of car theft that can be found in New Jersey. Just recently, the state was part of the car theft ring that was apprehended by local officials. The suspects were found to be guilty of stealing 108 cars that were mostly luxury cars that they had shipped and sold to shady brokers.

Car safety tips

Indifference is the last thing that you should feel regarding auto theft. Though, in most cases, a large percentage of people forget that auto theft results from opportunistic situations. Vigilance is important in keeping your cars safe. Always remember to lock your doors, take your keys out and never leave any valuables behind.

Help spread awareness in your city

With this knowledge in hand, you can help keep your city safe by placing the copyright and trademark protected signs and designs on your property or in your area. You can also make custom sign donations to your local police department and they will disperse them to businesses and in parks and recreation areas. Hide Lock Take started as a proactive crime awareness program in Dallas. It has since become the most successful tool that travels around the country fighting crimes and making a difference. If you want to keep your city safe and educate the citizens let be your resource.