Car Theft Incidents on the Rise in Hawaii

How safe is your car? It has been reported that West Hawaii has been experiencing a surge of auto theft incidents, in which six motor vehicles has been stolen in the span of two weeks. According to local police, the most popular targets are Honda sedans and Toyota Tacomas.

This news isn’t that surprising since auto theft has been on the rise in Hawaii for the last two years. In 2010, there had been 5,100 reported car theft cases, an increase from the reported 4,857 in 2009.

Tips to prevent auto theft

Don’t be part of the car theft statistic and employ a stringent safety regiment when it comes to the safety of your car. Aside from buying helpful gadgets, like a GPS tracking system or a car alarm that can help deter a thief, you should also remember these simple basic tips.

  • Take your keys from the ignition

Did you know that 13% of stolen vehicles had its keys tucked in their ignition? Make sure to take away you car keys right after you’ve properly parked it.

  • Lock you doors and windows

It seems so basic; however, it’s one of the major slip ups that most car thieves take advantage of. Almost half of car theft cases was a result of improperly locked cars.

  • Park in well lit areas

Make sure that you seek parking spaces that has a lot of foot traffic. Try and asses your location, and pick parking spots that are well lit and has ample security.

  • Don’t leave your car unattended

Never, ever leave your car running unattended even for just a split second. Car thieves only need a few seconds to drive away with your car!

  • Hide your things

Avoid leaving expensive valuables in your cars; this would only incite a thief’s interest to steal them.

Help spread awareness in your city

With this knowledge in hand, you can help keep your city safe by placing the copyright and trademark protected signs and designs on your property or in your area. You can also make custom sign donations to your local police department and they will disperse them to businesses and in parks and recreation areas. Hide Lock Take started as a proactive crime awareness program in Dallas. It has since become the most successful tool that travels around the country fighting crimes and making a difference. If you want to keep your city safe and educate the citizens let be your resource.