Car Cloning Victimizes Local Vermont Residents

The term cloning is no longer exclusively synonymous to biological cloning, as it is now a prevalent cause of concern for local Vermont residents. It seems that there have been a number of people that has been victimized by car cloning. Car cloning is the instance where a stolen car’s VIN has been forged to be recreated as a new and legitimate VIN from a similar model.

Dispute over local dealership and buyers

Just recently, two buyers had the misfortune of being a victim of car cloning. They had purchased their vehicles straight off Mark’s Motors on Putney Road, a local dealership chain in Vermont. Without knowing that they bought stolen vehicles that possessed a tampered VIN, they automatically registered their cars in their respective home states; they found that they had bought stolen cars.

Both the local dealership and the victimized buyers have cried foul, and are placing blame on each other. The two victims have stated that it’s the responsibility of the local dealership to ascertain that their products are 100% authentic before putting them in public sale. However, the owner of the dealership vehemently refuses that he has any fault for the whole ordeal, as the cars had legitimate VIN.

Car theft prevention techniques can prevent car cloning

Car cloning can only happen after the occurrence of car theft. To avoid buying a tampered car, make sure that you have checked the car’s history before purchasing. To avoid car cloning all together, make sure to instil proper car theft prevention techniques. Make sure that your car doors are always locked. Take out your keys from its ignition. Never leave any valuables behind.

Help spread awareness in your city

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