Hide Lock Take Sign – Standard

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The new official dimensional embossed lettering with increased strength and quality will last longer and fight crime better! The old rectangular signs are no longer being accepted beginning 2022.

NEW 13.5"x16.5" Embossed Badge Design. Savings with large orders. 50-99 = 10% OFF, 100-199 15% OFF, and 200+ = 20% OFF



Old Rectangular Signs are NO LONGER being accepted or made, this is the standard accepted design starting 2022

At Hide Lock Take we are committed to improving the effectiveness of our program that was started in 1997 in Dallas, Texas. We have grown to expand across the globe and become the most successful auto theft prevention program lowering crimes in the upwards of 90% and higher! The ALL NEW Hide Lock Take 2020 design is living proof of our commitment to fighting crime.

The new and larger shape of the HLT sign captures the eye in a more pleasing way making the program that much more effective. With its official and attractive dimensional embossed lettering the strength of the material surpassing all quality of past designs. Simply put, this sign will last longer and fight crime better! We have enhanced even further the quality of printing on our signs to make this the longest lasting even in harsh weather conditions.

The only way to fight crime is to empower the community to be more proactive and responsible. It is just a matter of reaching the people and this sign does it. Over 20 years we have studied the results of our program and it’s effectiveness to further the success and make our country the safest in the world. Our designers and engineers along with input from law enforcement and trained signage manufacturers we have designed what we know to be the biggest improvement in auto theft awareness and Hide Lock Take. As our commitment continues we will always be focused on improving the quality and effectiveness of Hide Lock Take ensuring the cities who support the program with the highest level of quality, success, and aid in the fight against auto theft.

Join the most successful program and the most advanced sign in auto theft prevention by choosing Hide Lock Take and the 2020 brand new design! We are sure it will make a positive impact in your city and on your streets and parking lots like never before!

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Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 14.0 × 17.0 × 0.15 in