Dallas Original Hide Lock Take Sign

$ 20.00

The original and official Dallas Hide Lock Take sign is what started the program in 2004. This sign meets all the requirements for the Dallas city code. Premium aluminum, powder coating, and print inks allow for HLT branded and trademarked signs to be the #1 source and trusted nationwide recognized auto theft awareness program. Help us continue our fight on crime by supporting the cause by using www.hidelocktake.com.

Savings with large orders. 1-49 = $20.00, 50-99 = 10% OFF, 100-199 15% OFF, and 200+ = 20% OFF


Hide Lock Take is the original and most effective auto theft prevention program in the world. We have helped in lowering vehicle crime rates by as much as 90% in major cities in the US. We are proud to offer this service and product to our great nation to keep our streets safe. By being a part of HLT you are protecting our streets, your customers, and the citizens around you. Whether a business or organization those who use Hide Lock Take care about their impact on the community.

By purchasing from www.hidelocktake.com you not only get the best and most affordable products but you also are purchasing trademarked and protected products. All other businesses that offer our branded products illegally pose a risk to you and the business. Never trust a 3rd party or anyone selling HLT goods other than on www.hidelocktake.com the only official trademarked and copyrighted products with over 20 years servicing our country.

Our .063 gauge aluminum withstands the strength of wind and light tampering. 

Additional information

Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 17 × .20 in

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